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issue 5, May 2011
Dear Friend of KEEN, Here Comes Summer… and we have lots of Summer fun to tell you about, plus all the latest news from our athletes, coaches and supporters. For all the most up-to-date info, visit our website.
This term is set to be one of our most fun-packed yet! We’ll be enjoying everything from picnics to pirates and cooking to sporting contests.  All we have to do now is hope that the sun continues to shine!

We've already had a blast of a day on our annual picnic at Thames Valley Adventure Playground – all the details are below – and there's lots more fun still to come. So put these all important dates in your diary…

Qedis logoSaturday 11th June will be remembered as a milestone in the sporting calendar as our annual “olympics” event, with the generous help of our fantastic corporate sponsors Qedis. In Regents Park, athletes will have the chance to try a whole host of sports and cheer on members of the Qedis team who will be taking part in their Challenge-Q fundraising event with all proceeds going to KEEN London.

Business Design CentreThe next day’s session, on Sunday 12th June, is a first for KEEN – creative cooking sessions!  Supported by our friends at the Business Design Centre in Islington, we’ll be chopping, mixing, decorating and baking some culinary masterpieces!  Watch out Gordon Ramsay, you’re in for some stiff competition!  To find out what’s inspired the kitchen visit, information on our latest fundraising initiative is below.

And, finally, on Sunday 26th June, we’ll be taking to the water with the Pirate Club in Camden for an afternoon of canal boating. Ahoy me hearties!

For the most up-to-date information, visit our website…

Thames Valley comes up trumps again
Thames Valley Adventure Playground logoOur second annual visit to Thames Valley Adventure Playground was even more exhilarating, exciting and exhausting than last year.

A total of 34 athletes, 28 parents and 38 coaches joined the fun at this amazing venue which really does have something for everyone.  The toy cars and trains proved a draw for Nathan D, Parsa and Ed, while Onyi and Ikeena blasted out some great tunes from the music room.  But the most popular activity was the water cannon, with athletes lining up to soak Cameron!

Many, many thanks to all the coaches and parents who helped make the day so memorable. And a special mention to our friends at Qedis whose support meant we could organise the buses and have exclusive use of the playground.
photo from the recen KEEN picnic photo from the recen KEEN picnic photo from the recen KEEN picnic

Wet and Wild at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre
Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre logoSome intrepid athletes and coaches took to the water last term too, at the Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre who gave us exclusive access to their learner pool. Twenty athletes, 26 coaches and some dedicated parents took the plunge and soon the pool was full of smiling swimmers. The hokey-cokey was something of a challenge in the water, but not for our dedicated dolphins!  Many thanks to everyone who helped out with such a swimmingly successful session.

The KEEN Cookbook

Our latest fundraising innovation is a KEEN cookbook which we will be selling to friends and supporters just in time for Christmas. At the moment, we are on the lookout for any recipes, particularly those which children can make themselves or with some help. 

So, if you think your brownies can beat Delia or your pasta can outshine Jamie, please get in touch with Cameron at

We’ll be trying some recipes and taking photographs for the book at our cooking session on 12th June at the Business Design Centre which is providing invaluable support for this project. Many thanks to everyone there!


We are extremely grateful to Islington Community Chest who granted us £4,900 in their final round of funding.

HRG, the travel group, invited us to be their chosen charity for the raffle at their annual employee awards dinner and raised an incredible £2500 on the night! This fantastic donation will make a real difference to the work we do, so many thanks to Keith Burgess, Jan Longthorp and Nikki Treweek for their help in making it happen.

Also, SNR Denton recently very generously donated £500.

And Qedis, who made KEEN their charity of the year for 2011, are providing amazing support. Not only are they fundraising with their Challenge-Q event – more on that in the next issue – but we now have 12 Qedis coaches regularly attending sessions. We are extremely grateful to everyone there. Cameron had the opportunity to let them know how grateful we are at a recent away-day and had 80 people enjoying KEEN-style fun with a rousing rendition of the Hokey Cokey!

Gold Challenge logoKEEN London is looking for someone to co-ordinate one of our biggest fund-raising initiatives of the next two years, the Gold Challenge. We are looking for a volunteer who will promote our involvement and manage the logistics of the campaign which is inspired by London 2012. If you know someone who may be interested (or you fancy doing it yourself!) please get in touch with Cameron:

At KEEN London, we couldn't do any of this great work without our volunteers, fund-raisers and sponsors. We are also very interested in talking to companies who can provide services in kind. If you'd like to help with any of our activities, contact or call 07858 899066.

Saturday 11 June: team Qedis Challenge-Q fundraising event in Regents Park

Sunday 12 June: first ever creative cooking sessions!

Sunday 26 June: canal boating with Pirate Club in Camden town

On 27th April, we welcomed some of our supporters and funders, as well as the local press, to an open session. Being under the spotlight didn’t daunt any of our athletes who posed for photographs and Gabriel became the star of the Camden Gazette.

Gabriel the star of the Camden Gazette


... FelixFelix has been coming to Felix has been coming to KEEN for five years and always looks forward to seeing his friends at the sessions. His mum Bridget thinks the coaches are “amazing”, especially since the return of Felix’s epilepsy which can be very demanding.  She says, “It is wonderful that Felix has the opportunity to mix with children his own age and young adults who can set him such a good example of how to work and play together” and describes the sessions as a “therapeutic break for all parties!”.

Our featured athlete is Felix


... Sara

Sara has been coming to KEEN for 18 months, since she moved to London to start her job managing graduate recruitment campaigns for blue chip companies.

Her favourite thing about volunteering with KEEN is  interacting with the athletes. As she says, “They really brighten up my day. No two KEEN sessions are the same, and our athletes are always doing something adorable or something that puts me in stitches”. Some of her most memorable moments include Nathan making sure she wasn’t scared of heights on the climbing frame and Aaron shushing her for singing along to Take That when they were ice skating. There’s never a dull moment at KEEN!

our featured coach is Sarah

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