More new adventures in Norfolk

KEEN London’s Easter residential is now an annual highlight for our athletes and coaches and – despite the weather – this years was one of the best! Our new East London Co-ordinator, China, gave us this report from the Kingswood Activity Centre in Norfolk.

We set off on Good Friday morning ready for our Easter adventure. Some were nervous, some excited, but all were eager to find out what would happen next! Any nerves were soothed on the coach as both coaches and athletes happily prepped their vocal chords to sing along to “Trolls” and SingTwo clear favourites for all! 

When we arrived, we were greeted by the Kingswood team and taken on a tour of the grounds that we had all to ourselves for the weekend! The athletes were amazed by all Kingswood had to offer! After we put our bags down, we headed for the green and played some group games to warm ourselves up in the wet and windy weather. Activity time came swiftly after. Athletes were ready to split off into their groups and start their weekend adventure. Some go-karted, some bouldered and some caved. All finished their activities ready to refuel!

Dinner Time! Aside from the delicious food we were served all weekend, Fridays dinner was made extra special because it was the birthday of one of our athletes! We all sang happy birthday, gave gifts and ate cake, making sure that it was an extra special one! We then went to make rockets. Our task was to make sure that our rocket men (water balloons) still survived when the rocket shot up in the air. Unfortunately, none survived, but our athletes showed outstanding creativity and loved watching the rockets fly.

Day Two was just as fun. We climbed, zip lined, caved, karted, built shelters and even took a trip to the beach! The weather was attempting to be an enemy of progress, but our fantastic, brave athletes and coaches pushed through regardless, enjoying every minute! We ended the day with a bonfire, where we drank hot chocolate and sang songs until we were ready to sleep!

Our third and final day was just as great! The athletes transformed into inventors and created things! We had everything from eco-friendly machines to ones that even went to heaven! We ate lunch, bought our souvenirs and then it was time to hit the road! Despite the cold and windy weather, we had such an amazing weekend and would love to thank the Kingswood team for having us and providing so much fun!