What is KEEN London

Make KEEN London your Charity of the Year!

Over 168,000+ charities in the UK (73.2%) are considered small or micro. They receive just 3% of income generated by business and individuals through charitable donations each year. The largest charities (6.8%) receive 90% of income.

KEEN London relies on donations to fund its work and is always looking to expand its corporate supporters. Would you consider sharing your passion for KEEN with your place or work or study.

The vast majority of ‘charity of the year’ partnerships are chosen and nominated by staff and students. Employees or students are asked to nominate a charity. Most choose a large charity brand because they haven’t heard of many of the smaller charities doing great things in the community.

We would we be so grateful if the people that know us best — you —could take the time to ask your employer or college ‘Do we support local charities, and can I make a nomination for charity of the year?’

Casting the net a little wider

If any of your friends know what you do for KEEN London and work in any big organisations, please could you ask them if their company has a charity nomination system and mention us! We know that in particular the following big city companies will be looking for nominations in the coming six months for their next charity partnerships:

  • Citigroup
  • CMS
  • Deutsche Bank
  • IBM
  • Kingston Smith
  • Legal & General
  • Moore Stephens
  • Nomura
  • Wilkins Kennedy

For more information contact Kirstie@keenlondon.org or download our PDF flyer here — thank you in advance!