New holiday adventures

Never mind The Greatest Showman, meet The Greatest KEEN Athletes! We took 11 athletes to the National Circus School in the Easter Break. This was the first trip in a new programme of activities that will extend the service that KEEN London provides into the school holidays. Everyone enjoyed learning to juggle all sorts of things (apparently apples are now being bruised daily at one athlete’s home) and balancing on the high (not that high!) wire. By far the most exciting section of this circus circuit was the swing skills section with acrobatic silks, trapeze and a rope swing. Athletes were happy to cocoon themselves in the silks, learn moves on the trapeze and be like Tarzan on the rope swing! Coaches reported that most athletes gave everything a go and despite some hesitation surprised themselves with what they could do. 

We asked parents for feedback on this first trip and all those who have responded say that they would really appreciate similar sessions in the future. So look out for more holiday adventures coming soon!