Our Vision?

Every child has a chance to enjoy sports and activities, and none are left behind due to disability. 

Our Mission?

To improve physical activity, social interaction and quality of life for children with disabilities in the London area.

Whatever we do, we ensure that all our activities meet the following aims:

  • Inclusive – we welcome children with a wide range of needs and backgrounds and celebrate the diversity within our community
  • Accessible – the tailored support provided at our sessions ensures that all children can safely access the activities on offer
  • Engaging – we run a wide variety of activities to suit different interests and personality types, ensuring that our children always have something new and exciting to learn
  • Supportive of personal development – our activities help children to get active, make new friends, and develop their communication, confidence and social skills
  • Fun! – at KEEN we believe that all children deserve to have fun, regardless of (dis)ability, and we make sure that fun is at the heart of all our activities

21 years of doing what we love

KEEN London has been delivering free 1:1 supported services to children with additional needs and disabilities for over 21 years. Children from our service have gone on to further education, to access other clubs and groups and achieve things their families did not believe would be possible, had it not been for the support of KEEN London to grow their confidence and skills.  The following short video helps explain what KEEN means to our community.

Our funders

We would like to thank our corporate partners and grant-givers for their on-going support. Without their commitment, the work of KEEN London would not be possible.

Community Fund
Edward Gostling Foundation
Lillywhite Foundation
City Bridge Trust
Zurich Community Trust
John Lyon's Charity
Garfield Weston Foundation
Garfield Weston Foundation