Volunteer coach role description

Our volunteer coaches are the backbone of a KEEN London session! You’ll work in a small team to support our athletes, ensuring that they can access everything the session has to offer and have fun at the same time.

  • Help our athletes access the activities and games at our sessions. You’ll support our athletes to engage with the session, and have fun while they’re doing it.
  • Support athletes to achieve their goals. You’ll help our Service Coordinator develop goals for our athletes, track their progress, and give them lots of encouragement along the way.
  • Work as a team to develop creative ways of engaging with the athletes. You’ll work together to come up with new games, develop resources, and plan activities.
  • Get moving. We want our athletes to have fun being active, making friends, and trying new things – and we want you to join in with them!
  • Have fun! Our athletes love working with energetic and enthusiastic people, and we’ll ensure that all your hard work will be rewarded with a great time.

For child protection reasons, we ask all our volunteers to abide by our volunteer agreement and child protection policy.